Reading: Quick Hits

  • Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn is really good.  It’s the kind of story I want to see more of in the new Star Wars universe.  One that develops established characters without having to worry about the mythology of the universe.
  • I’ve read the first volume of a couple of Rebirth titles.  Superman was good and really worked well for those of us that have no idea of what happened in the new 52.  Justice League of America had great action but I was left wondering why should I really care.  I really enjoyed Green Arrow in that it had its eye on bringing in viewers of the TV show but telling its own story.  I’ve only read the first issue of Wonder Woman in her volume and I thought that story was fantastic for a new reader of her comics.
  • I’m also reading Cured by Lol Tolhurst.  It’s a memoir from the co-founder of the Cure.  It’s not a straight history because Lol admits that his memory was chemically suppressed from years of drinking.  It’s more of snapshots of what he can remember.  I’m reading it sporadically, so I’m only at the formation of the Cure.  However, there is a certain joy in these chapters that makes the book infectious.
  • I’ve been reading Black Panther as they came out until #7.  Then I realize they are really dense and I need to read them all at once to truly enjoy them. Either that or I really need to read them the way I read books in my History grad school classes.  That’s pretty amazing for comic.

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