Star Wars-ing: Celebration Adds More Celebrities

Star Wars Celebration has added two new people to its ever-growing roster of celebrities that will appear at the convention.

  • Anthony Daniels, the man who is C3-PO, will be attending the con all four days.
  • Riz Ahmed portrayed Bodhi Rook in Rogue One.  It’s his character that truly sets the events in motion and actually gives the name to the film. He will only be there on April 14.

In other Celebration news, EA will be on show floor showing off the latest in Star Wars gaming. Will we see an early look at Battlefront 2?

The applications for the cosplay contest are closed, but the event itself will take place on the 15th with a time to be announced later.

The R2 builders will have a room dedicated to their completed droids in W205.  What I’m looking forward to this year is that they will have a Droid Smash Derby.  Star Wars Celebration wonderfully describes this event as “Battlebots meets Phantom Menace Pod racing.” How cool does that sound?!

Celebration is now only a month away, and we just got these in the mail this week!


We can’t wait!

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