Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Reading on the Internet

The Next Star Wars Celebration: Coming to Our Galaxy 2019:  Next year will be the first year without a Celebration. That’s ok, we definitely have plenty of Star Wars activities planned to keep us occupied!  As long as it’s not in Europe, we will be there!

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ clip reveals what happened right after that ‘Force Awakens’ cliffhanger with Luke:  For all those thirsty fans salivating for any news of The Last Jedi, this has a few drops.

Mondo goes pew! pew! in this exclusive Star Wars x Mike Mitchell poster reveal:   The limited poster company has put out a new poster this time of a Tie-Fighter pilot in profile.  It does look pretty damn good.

Starkiller Base May Have Actually Been This ‘Clone Wars’ Planet:  Even though it has a little bit of a click bait title, this was actually an interesting article.  The planet in question comes from the fifth season episode “The Gathering” which shows younglings gathering crystals for their light sabers.  This is one of those things that makes the new canon interesting in that there is a whole team of people keeping track of the canon. Now, this piece of information isn’t canon, but I don’t have any doubt that sooner or later we will get some answers.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Renewed For Fourth Season: Yes!

MICHAEL KENNETH WILLIAMS JOINS YOUNG HAN SOLO FILM: Omar’s coming! I wasn’t all that excited about the Han Solo movie, but the cast just keeps getting better and better.

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