Star Wars-ing: Celebration News

More celebrities have been added to the Celebration line-up!  Here are the recent updates:

  • Angus MacInnes: Gold Leader from A New Hope and Rogue One.
  • Brian Herring:  The man behind BB8 will be at Celebration.  I expect long lines at his table.
  • Clive Revill:  Mr. Revill portrayed the Emperor in the original cut of Empire.
  • Daniel Logan:  Mr. Logan portrayed Boba Fett in the prequels and voices him in the Clone Wars.
  • Jimmy Vee:  Mr. Vee officially took over the role of R2D2 (even though he was in The Force Awakens with Kenny Baker) just a few weeks ago and will be at Star Wars Celebration.
  • Taylor Gray:  The voice behind Ezra Bridger will be at Celebration.  We got to talk to him extensively had a con in Lake Charles which you can read about here.
  • Ray Park:  The actor behind Darth Maul in the prequels will make an appearance at Celebration.  He is always a crowd favorite.

Celebration Orlando will have a special panel to pay tribute to Star War’s 40th anniversary.  Warwick Davis will host and Kathleen Kennedy will appear.  The Celebration site states they will have discussions with some of the biggest stars.  Not sure if that means in person or on film, but this will be one of Celebrations signature events.  This one is on Thursday, April 13.

Also turning 30 is Rancho Obi-Wan, a non-profit museum that has the largest collection of Star Wars. They will have a special setup showing off some of their prized collections.

For us so far, we have already gone over to Star Wars Authentics and purchased a few autograph tickets already. Big on our list was Felicity Jones and we got hers right away.  We also purchased a few others so far because we hate to miss our opportunity to make a Star Wars memory.  Neither should you

Of course, you can check here for all of our previous celebration news.  We will update every Wednesday!


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