ComicCon-ing: Fan Expo Dallas

Even though we really can’t make Fan Expo Dallas, they still pretty much have us like this:


Why?  Here is some of their guest announcements since we last posted.

  • Milo Ventimiglia: We met him before at Megacon Orlando, but they didn’t have any Gilmore Girls pictures.  We got one for Heroes, but Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple hasn’t watched it yet. So she still wants a picture of Jess for her collection.  However, I think a large portion of his line will be for This Is Us.  This Is Us, and Mr. Ventimiglia’s performance in it, is the kind of that would drive people who don’t normally attend cons to go.  Seriously, have you met anyone who has watched it and didn’t like it?  Mr. Ventimiglia’s Jack is the glue that holds the show together.
  • Kevin Conroy – Not only will THE Batman be there, but so will Mark Hamill.  Normally, I would find it silly to do a photo op with voice actors, but come on, this is maybe the greatest two voice roles of all time.
  • In addition to those two giants of voice acting game, Nolan North and Troy Baker will be appearing at Fan Expo Dallas.  Uncharted is my favorite game series ever, and these two portray Nathan and Samuel Drake.  Mr. Baker has also done amazing work in The Last of Us and also voiced the Joker. Mr. North, who has a ton of credits,  has also done work in Con Man and voiced the Penguin in some og the Batman games.
  • My favorite Doctor Who companion is Donna Noble.  So when it was announced that Fan Expo Dallas would be her first American appearance, I checked prices of flights.  (Alas, still too high). Joining Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan, this is a special treat for Whovians.
  • I don’t know anything about anime, but in that field Colleen Clinkenbeard, Todd Haberkorn, and Jamie Marchi have been announced.
  • Drew Stuzan is world renown artist who has designed posters for Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Maybe it’s a good thing we can’t make it. My bank account doesn’t need that kind of devestation.

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