Parading: The Krewe of Apollo 2017

Every year, the Krewe of Apollo, or the Lockport Parade, rolls at noon the Saturday of Mardi Gras. It is a perfect antidote to the huge city parades.  You can walk the route before the parade and smell cookouts, barbecues, and seafood boils.  Gumbo and jambalaya seem to be at every other house.  Some people go all out and have boucherie’s, while others just pick up food from Rouse’s, Frank’s, Popeye’s and Sunrise.  If you do walk the parade route with someone from Lockport, you will have to stop 100 times over so that person can talk with everyone and their momma.  People come home from out of town and out of state just for this parade.  People from Lockport who don’t particularly care for parades go to the Krewe of Apollo.  This is an unscientific accumulation of data, but it seems like all of my friends from Lockport who went to Disney World this week, left directly after catching the parade.

The parade features floats designed by the riders themselves.  Whereas most parades rent floats from professional designers, the Krewe of Apollo works year round to decorate their float.  While they do have sponsorship, many krewe members donate their money and time.

(Click any picture to see a larger version!)

Where my parents live, we can catch the parade twice.  The first time is near the beginning and the second time is near the church.  For us, this means we catch the parade on both sides getting to see different people we know.

What makes the Lockport parade so special?  It is a reunion.  It’s hundreds of family reunions.  It is hundreds of Central Lafourche and Lockport High School reunions.  It allows us, for one day, to catch up with old friends and family members in a joyous occasion.  No matter how far we go, the Lockport Parade always reminds us where home is.

2 thoughts on “Parading: The Krewe of Apollo 2017

  1. I grew up in Lockport and the parade was always one of the highlights of the year! I moved away in the early 90’s and come back every year with my young children so that they can also experience the love in Lockport. All of my NOLA cousins come in for it also….none of us would miss it for anything! It’s a fun and family time that I cherish.


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