Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links

Han Solo – Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. A New Star Wars Story Begins:  While I’m more interested in the larger universe’s stories, I am excited about this film. Mainly because It has Donald Glover.

Chuck Wendig on the Battle of Jakku, Han and Leia’s Complex Relationship, and More from Aftermath: Empire’s End:  Meeting Timothy Zahn and talking briefly has to him about his upcoming Thrwan novel, has made us both want to read more Star Wars novels.  Wendig’s set of novels are on our list, and we will read them soon.

Hasbro’s New Star Wars Toys Come in Sicknasty Old-School Packaging: The headline is kind of silly.  Really, “sicknasty?” But this is kind of cool for collectors…or exploitive towards them.

New Chewbacca Joonas Suotamo Has a Message for Star Wars Fans: As long as Mr. Suotamo remembers just how very big the shoes he his filling are, he will do quite alright.
Krewe of Chewbacchus Twitter:  We missed the parade this year due to being at Pensacon.  This is where nerdom meets Mardi Gras.
The Star Wars Show:


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