Star Wars-ing: Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson Will Appear at Star Wars Celebration and Other Celebration News

On Friday, April 14th Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, will have a panel at Celebration. This leads us to believe that the first presentation of a trailer for The Last Jedi will be at Celebration.

Gus Lopez, the creator of The Star Wars Collectors Archive, will also be at Celebration. Celebration is creating a Collecting Track that will “feature in-depth information on a variety of topic from mainstream to delightfully obscure.”   This Track will be made up of the Collector’s Stage (in room W307ABC) which will feature panels by expert collectors from all around the world, and the Collectors’ Social Room (Room W306D).  The Social room is exactly that for collectors.  Mr. Lopez will be putting together the program for the Collector’s stage.

According to his Facebook, Timothy Zahn will be making an apperance at Celebration as well. In fact, THRAWN, Zahn’s first book of the new universe featuring his most famous creation from the extended universe, will be released the week before.  Lines will be long, but he also stated he would do as many signings as they schedule for him.



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