Star Wars-ing: Star Wars at Pensacon

Every con we go to we like to highlight the Star Wars related activities and people at that con.

Here are the people at Pensacon who have been a part of the Star Wars Universe both present and extended:

  • Kevin Anderson is an author who has written novels for the Star Wars Extended universe including the The Jedi Academy Trilogy.
  • Dave Dorman is an Eisner award-winning illustrator who has done quite a lot of work with Star Wars. He has done cover art for Dark Horse and Marvel Star Wars comics. We met Dave at Space City Con and had him sign our comic.  We highly suggest you go to his table!dd
  • Brian Muir is a sculptor who has worked with Lucasfilm  Credits include A New Hope, The Force Awakens and Rogue One.
  • Christopher Burdett is an artist who has worked on Star Wars: The Card Game.
  • Timothy Zahn is a prolific science fiction novelist.  His Thrawn Trilogy in the expanded universe is still the benchmark for Star Wars novels. Every time we have seen him at a con he has had long lines, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case for this con.
  • Tim Rose played the body of General Ackbar in Return of the Jedi as well as being the puppeteer for Salacious B. Crumb. Mr. Rose definitely enjoys talking to his fans which makes him a special moment for con goers.
  • David Ankrum provided the voice for Wedge Antilles (who was portrayed by Scottish actor Denis Lawson (who is Ewan McGregor’s uncle btw) and Colin Higgins.  I know it’s confusing but you will be meeting the voice of Wedge Antilles.
  • Angus MacInnes played Gold Leader in a New Hope and archival footage was used for Rogue One.
  • Jeremy Bulloch played Boba Fett. We have met him numerous times and he is always charming.

There will be Star Wars panels as well.

  • Star Wars as Myth: The Hero’s Journey will discuss myth and Star Wars.  Expect some Joseph Campbell.  This panel will be held at the Grand Hotel 1st Floor Room B on Friday at 2:45.
  • Jeremy Bulloch, David Ankrum, Agnus MacInnes, and Tim Rose will have a panel at the Pensacola Little Theatre Main Stage on Saturday at 3:30
  • KeVin Anders, Christopher Burdett, and Timothy Zahn will discuss the extended universe and their roles in it in a panel on Sunday at the Saenger Theatre 2nd Floor Room B at 1:30.
  • Ladies of the Legion: Rebel, Imperial or Mando?  This panel will discuss creating female and gender neurtal costomes from the Star Wars Universe. This panel is located in Grand Hotel 1st Floor Room A at 5:15 pm on Sunday.

If you want to know if a Star Wars actor is making an appearance near you, don’t forget to check out Star Wars Actor Appearances.


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