Watching: Arrowverse Recap Week 11 & 12

I decided to differentiate my titles by going off the sequence of The Arrow since it is the Arrowverse.  Since this is show 11 and 12 for that show, this is week 11 & 12. Of course, spoilers ahead so I’ll just put the jump here.  And we haven’t been able to watch Supergirl season 1, so we will not include that show in our recaps.

The Flash – Dead or Alive: Part of me is really wishing something happens to HR at the end of the season so Team Flash has to import another Harrison Wells from a different Earth. Tom Cavanagh is enough reason by himself to watch the show, and he has given us three distinct Wells.  This episode he is mortal danger having violated some rule about dimension hopping on his earth. Gypsy, who is allowed to dimension-hop to arrest dimension-hoppers, shows up to arrest HR. The punishment is death.  Cisco as Vibe saves the day.  The episode gives Cisco and HR some good moments, but to me the real highlight is giving Tom Felton something meaningful to do.  It is contribution to the team that truly saves the day. Also, his realistic view is a nice antidote to the eternal optimists the team has.  Even when they are down they look on the bright side, which is a great thing.  Instead of making them depressing, add an element of pessimistic realism for them to play off with Julian.  Of course, liking him is probably jinxing his stay on the show.

Arrow – Second chances: I admit I was distracted while watching this episode, but I probably would have been bored watching it. The only interesting thing I found was that Team Arrow recruits a new Black Canary. What I don’t like about the show this season is that they have a fascinating villain who takes way too many vacations.

The Flash – Untouchable:  The team faces a Flashpoint meta who they have to work together to figure out how to defeat which of course they do.  I know that sounds like I didn’t like the episode but the plot is secondary to character development in this one.  Barry is making the transfer from mentee over the last two seasons to mentor and it’s not a natural one for him. The scenes with him and Kid Flash are appropriately awkward.  More importantly, we get to see Joe find out about Iris. The show is always better when Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanagh have a chance to act, and Martin does his best with it. Also, Tom Felton is mesmerizing each time he is on screen and brings an appropriate amount of pragmatism that is often missing from the team.  Plus, I want him and Caitlin to ship, so the end of show gives me some hope.

Arrow – Bratva:  Plot devices take us to Russia. The reasons aren’t as important as having Oliver face his Bratva past. Oliver has realized how he can come to grips with his Bratva roots without turning back into the killer of the earlier season.  Also, the “birth” of the Arrow is some of the best flashback scenes in a while. I do like “Dark Felicity” because if she is going to be annoying which she has been for the better part of the season, at least give her reasons why.  I find it odd that Ragman was written out for the time being.  The writers feel they need to give Oliver a team but can’t seem to make up their mind on what to do with the team.  Paul Blackthorne elevates the After=School Special material he was given this episode and made me realize how much I missed him on the show.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had time to watch Legends the last two weeks.




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