ComicCon-ing: The Arrowverse at Pensacon

Since we often write about the Arrowverse on Tuesdays and we are writing about Pensacon all this week, I figured I would combine the two.  Now, none of the series regulars will be at Pensacon, the con did get an impressive list of actors from the shows to make an appearance.

  • Wil Travel played Human Target on Arrow season 5 episode “Human Target”
  • Author Ramon Terrell played Danny de la Vega on the first season episode “Burned”
  • Firefly star, Sean Maher, played Shrapnel on Season 2’s “Blast Radius” and “Suicide Squad”
  • Michael Rowe played Floyd Lawton/Deadshot on numerous episodes of Arrow and appeared in Earth 2 on Flash.
  • X-Files Star Nicholas Lea played Mark Francis on Arrow in season 2 who was instrumental in Moria Queen’s candidacy for mayor.
  • Matt Ryan had his own DC show on NBC with Constantine. He reprised that role on during Arrow’s season 4 in the episode “Haunted.”
  • John Wesley Shipp shouldn’t need any introduction to fans of the Arrowverse. He has played Henry Allen, Barry’s father, and Jay Garrick the Flash in Earth 2.  Also, he played Barry Allen on the Flash series in the 90s.

On Saturday, there will be a panel entitled Breaking Down the Arrowverse in the Grand Hotel 1st Floor Room B at 7:45. On Sunday, Michael Rowe, John Wesley Shipp, and Matt Ryan will discuss the TV Universe in a panel at the Saenger Theatre Main Stage at 1pm.


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