ComicCon-ing: Late Additions to Pensacon

Unfortunately, James Marsters had to cancel due to a new project beginning production.  I know some fans get mad when artists cancel, especially last minute, but attending cons is their part time job.  Acting is their full time job.  If they don’t get gigs, they can’t pay the rent.

Pensacon did announce three more guests last week.  Mark Gagliardi of Drunk History fame will be appearing on Saturday and Sunday. Wil Traval will be at Pensacon this year.  He has appeared in both the MCU and DC’s television universe.  In Jessica Jones, he played Will Simpson (Nuke) and on Arrow he played Human Target.

Finally, in a huge guest announcement, Pensacon announced Saturday morning that Samwise Gamgee himself will be at Pensacon on Saturday and Sunday.  That’s right Pensacon got Sean Astin.  We met him a few years ago at Dallas Fan Days. I would expect long lines for him, but Pensacon usually does a great job of handling lines like his as they did with Micheal Rooker last year.

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