Star Wars-ing: The Clone Wars Season 3 Ep 11-22

Again, season three is one of my favorite seasons.  Even the weaker arcs, were exciting and still managed to have some character development.

The Nightsisters Arc (11-14):


The Sith decide to get rid of Asajj Ventress. They don’t succeed, and that sets off a chain of events that go deep into the rest of the series.  We see the creation of a new force sensitive killer from the same race as Darth Maul.  The Nightsisters deserve their own stories (I really would like to see a comic on them) especially since they deal with magic,which is not the same thing as using the force.  One of the best arcs in the series.

The Mortis Arc (15-17):  epguide316Usually a great arc is followed by a one-off or a lighter arc.  Not here.  In another brilliant arc, we learn more about he force both the light and the dark. We get to see how powerful Anakin is and how corrupting the dark side can be. Again, one of the best arcs in the series.

The Citadel Arc (18-20): epguide319 And yet a third magnificent arc in a row.  Still, there is plenty of action.  The most important thing about this arc is that we get to see a pre-Imperial Tarkin (above, right).  Tarkin is a true believer in the military and to use the military for control.  He has some great scenes with Anakin in which we see them agreeing on how to conduct the war.  These conversations are not evil and truly aren’t representative of the dark side, but they aren’t truly the Jedi way.

The Most Dangerous Game Arc (21-22): epguide322Ahsoka is captured and as my name for this arc suggests is then hunted.  We get so see Chewbacca and it is all entertaining, but after the other arcs in this half of the season, it comes off as Clone Wars Lite.


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