Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Celebration Announces the First Wave of Guests

Star Wars Celebration has announced it’s first set of guests and they are already some great ones.

Garrick Hagon: He played Luke’s friend Biggs (Red Three) in A New Hope.

David Barclay: Mr. Barclay was one of the Jabba the Hut puppeteers on Return of the Jedi.

Deep Roy:  While most people know him from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he also played Droopy McCool in Return of the Jedi. He also did some stand-in and puppeteer work as Yoda on Empire and Return.

Mary Elizabeth McGlyn: Ms. McGlyn voices Governor Arihnda Pryce on Rebels.

Steve Blum: This veteran voice actor voices different characters on Rebels, but he is also one of the main characters by providing the voice for Zeb Orrelios.

Jeremy Bulloch:  Mr. Bulloch played Boba Fett in Empire and Return of the Jedi.

Ian McDiarmid: While he does a few cons in Europe, Mr. McDiarmid, who played Emperor Palpatine, rarely comes to the states for appearances and when he does it usually is at Celebrations.

Felicity Jones:  The Star of Rogue One will be making her first appearance at Star Wars Celebration. We highly recommend you buy your autograph tickets in advance!

Four days passes for Celebration are sold out, but you can

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