Watching: Arrowverse Recap

Every week that we can, I”ll recap my thoughts about what is happening in the Arrowverse.  Unfortunately, we having started Supergirl yet, so I can’t write about that show. Spoilers after the jump.

The Flash: I really don’t like hopeless Flash.  The first season had a Barry Allen that was brimming with joy at his new found powers.  Now, Barry does have every reason to feel hopeless.  His great power has brought great tragedy to him at every turn.  And on his current timeline, he will lose Iris. That’s why I really liked this episode.  It confronted some of those feelings head on and had him start to realize he needed to fight the future. Tom Felton’s brutally honest Julian, however, brings a welcome realness to the group.  One problem with Team Flash is that when they are hopeful they don’t really consider the downfalls except from often ignored fatherly advice from Joe.  Julian has the science background to keep them grounded.  Now, this all depends on if he can be trusted.  Caitlin’s Killer Frost tendencies keep pushing her to more interesting places only to have Cisco figure out how to contain that.  Still, the more Danielle Panabaker has to do in each episode the better the show is.

Legends of Tomorrow:  Now here is a show that is luckily still stuck in the pre-dark age of comics writing.  Sure, the characters have had some tragedies, but when more time is spent on the tragedy of never seeing Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Arc than losing one’s best friend, you have a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The bad guys are bad, but the actors are good enough to understand this way more campy than Arrow or Flash. In fact, calling them Legion of Doom has directly linked them to the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the silver age.  Writing a George Lucas plot that his stories would change the world is  brilliant.  However, couldn’t they have inspired him to write better prequels?

Arrow: The writers of this show are particularly cruel to Oliver Queen.  Bringing back Earth2 Laurel as Earth1 Laurel emotionally mirrored the torture Oliver received in the flashbacks. Part of me would have loved to see this as a complete arc, especially since redemption is a key theme of the show.  However, the action scenes were good and giving Echo Kellum’s Curtis a scientific reason to be on the show is smart.  Of course, Felicity was correct but she keeps being written to be in a way that seems less smart then her character actually is.



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