ComicCon-ing: Pensacon Adds the Fonz!

Pensacon 2017 scored a major addition to their already fantastic guest list with the announcement of Henry Winkler.  Gowing up in the 70s, the Fonz was the Plato’s form of what it meant to be cool. He, of course, has gone on to have success has a director and producer and as a cultural icon with appearances in Scream, The Waterboy, and Arrested Development.   In other additions, Pensacon has also added Eitanya Designs to the their cosplay list, and concept artist and illustrator NEN will return to Pensacon.

In the other big Pensacon news, the show has expanded their celebrity rooms.  Panels have been moved to other locations in Pensacola (with free shuttle service), so they have been able to expand the autograph area.  This should translate to less build up of traffic.  Also, they have added some activities in the rear parking lot area, including our friends at Chimichanga Talk.

The Pensacon app is also out for both Android and iOS.


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