ComicCon-Ing: The Guardians of The Galaxy Panel With Partial Audio

The Guardians of the Galaxy Panel at Wizard World New Orleans was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.  You had quiet and thoughtful Dave Bautista on one end, and the charmingly funny Sean Gunn on the other.  And in the middle of them was the human hurricane that is Michael Rooker.

Highlights from this panel:

  • Bautista would love to play Hinx in a James Bond film again.  He thinks there is a possibility that he could if Daniel Craig returns.  However, he clearly pointed out that this was a possibility that he, and only he, thinks so far.  He hasn’t heard anything from the Bond or Craig camps.
  • Sean Gunn spent a lot of time on set doing both of his roles.
  • James Gunn rights a special script for Vin Diesel that translates all of the “I am Groot” lines into actual human dialog so he can know his motivation.
  • If Bautista could go drinking with anyone in the MCU it would be the Hulk, because that would “be a bomb ready to go off.” Sean Gunn was kind of alarmed at that possibility.
  • I walked in late, due to being in line for David Duchovny, but apparently working out glutes was very important to this movie.
  • Michael Rooker said Nagin couldn’t have touched Merle.
  • Michael Rooker has been in 114 films.

Some pictures from the panel:


Sean Gunn


Dave Bautista and Micheal Rooker Working Their Glutes


Dave Bautista


Dave Bautista


Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn


Michael Rooker


Dave Bautista


Michael Rooker


The Guardians of the Galaxy Panel


This is a partial recording of the panel for those of you who couldn’t make it.

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