ComicCon-ing: Arrow Panel at Wizard World New Orleans

Before Sunday’s panel with Arrow stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey at Wizard World New Orleans, we were able to get both of their autographs.  We were the first in line for David Ramsey. We actually had a great discussion with his convention manager about conventions in general since we have seen her at other events around the world.  When Mr. Ramsey arrived, we were struck by how large of man he is.  He stood at the edge of the table and greeted his fans that way. He told us he went to Frenchmen Street the night before (an acceptable excuse for being late).

When we met Stephen Amell we asked him about his winery, Nocking Point. We had tried to join his wine club, but it’s not available in Louisiana.  We asked him why and he said that was really a question for Louisiana.  Looks like we will be writing our congressmen!

Both stars did their best to answer the questions posed by the audience as seriously as they could. Some questions, they can’t answer like what will happen next on the show.

Pictures and audio from the panel after the jump.

Here are some pictures from the panel. ww17_00351ww17_00354ww17_00372ww17_00377ww17_00379ww17_00387ww17_00398ww17_00403ww17_00407ww17_00409ww17_00414ww17_00424ww17_00429ww17_00438

Here is the full audio of the panel.


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