Star Wars-ing: Both Chewbaccas Will Be at Wizard World New Orleans!

For the next two weeks, most of our blogs will be about Wizard World New Orleans. The Convention is held at the Morial Convention Center on January 6,7, and 8th.  This week we will be previewing the event, and next week reviewing the event. 

The two men who have portrayed Chewbacca on screen will be at Wizard World New Orleans!

Peter Meyhew is the original Chewbacca and has not only portrayed him in Star Wars films but also in the The Star Wars Holiday Special and The Muppet Show.  He has also worked with the animators for the Clone Wars in helping create the animation for Chewbacca.  He did the voice as well for the series. He reprised his role for the Force Awakes which he shared with newcomer, Joonas Suotmato.  Mr.Suotmato is nearly 7ft tall and played college basketball at Penn State.


  • Autograph for Peter Mayhew: $50
  • Photo-Op for Peter Mayhew: $55
  • Autograph for Joonas Suotmato: $40
  • Photo-Op for Joonas Suotmato: $55

Each actor will be having their own panel. Mr. Suotmato will have his on Sunday from 12:30-1:15 in Room 243.  Mr. Mahew’s will follow in the same room at 1:30.

Both men will be at New Orleans Wizard World all three days.

For a full listing of guests, click here.


For a full listing of the panels, click here.

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