NOLA-ing: The Christmas House

I’ve been friends with the Para family since high school. In fact, Michael is the one that developed my love for Star Wars. They throw a magnificent Christmas party and we were lucky enough to attend this year. It did not disappoint.

The Para house is one of my favorite Christmas places to visit. When I say that they decorate, I do not just mean a tree and lights. I mean trees and statues and nativities and paintings and Santas and…

Most rooms have a general theme, though it is very fluid, so one could find a hidden Christmas treasure in any room. The front room is full of nativities. It is amazing how many beautiful nativities exist. I love looking at all of the differences between the sets, from the style to the color to the material used. There are also some gorgeous china cabinets filled with figurines of every Christmas character and scene imaginable. Not to mention, a few trees. One of my favorite touches are the angels that hang from the ceiling above the big tree.

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The living room is mostly Santa. In fact, one of my friend’s son decided to count the Santas. He stopped after 151.

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One of the spare bedrooms has a bevy of carol singers, amusement rides, and other fun loving Christmas activities. I think of this as the Christmas outdoor room.

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Probably my, and many other people’s, favorite room is the Mr. Bingle room. For those of you that are not Naturally N’Awlins,  Mr. Bingle is a snowman that assists Santa. In fact, this house was featured on a Naturally N’Awlins segment with Frank Davis. The now defunct department store Maison Blanche rolled out Mr. Bingle in 1948 and he has been a popular New Orleans icon ever since.

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In fact, there are two Mr. Bingles that I would love to find a date of origin.


The master bedroom was decorated so elegantly and held a tree, amazing smelling Christmas tree. It felt like something out of a movie. Even the chandeliers were decorated.

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Don’t forgot about the kitchen, bathrooms, or garage. They also took part in the festivities.

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At the end the day, you never know what hidden treasure you might find. I am so blessed to be friends with such a wonderful family and am grateful to get to see one of my favorite Christmas places in person.

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Here are a few shots of the wonderful hosts (top row) and one of us as well. From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year!

One thought on “NOLA-ing: The Christmas House

  1. Merry Christmas to the southern Para’s. What a wonderful article and beautiful house as always. I would love to come see Christmas and all the wonderful things you have added since the last time we were down there for a visit.


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