ComicCon-ing: Updates for Wizard World New Orleans and Pensacon

New Orleans Wizard World:

  • Mr. Brad Majors himself, Barry Bostwick, will be returning to New Orleans Wizard World.  One of the nicest celebrities we have ever met.
  • Pawn Stars Chumlee will be appearing at New Orleans Wizard World.  Chumlee is a crowd favorite from the History Channel Show.
  • Members of the Dance troop Purrfect Angelz will be attending.


  • The big guest they added this week is Billy Zabka who is best known for playing Johnny Lawrence in the Karate Kid.  He also played himself in How I Met Your Mother after Barney Stinson explained his thesis that Johnny Lawrence was actually the hero of Karate Kid.
  • The Tomb of Nick Cage, a horror rock band from New Orleans, will be performing at Vinyl Music Hall on Feb 18 as part of the Pensacon Official Party.  They will be joining Aurelio Voltaire.
  • Artist Steven Butler will be appearing at Pensacon.  He is best known for Spider-Man, Archie, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Joining the artists at Pensacon will be Mitch Bird.  He has worked on titles such as Starman and Green Lantern.

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