Star Wars-ing: Wishlist

With the holiday season fast approaching, I am going to make a list of Star Wars projects I would like to see. I don’t read much Star Wars news for fear of spoilers, so I might mention something that is happening…let me know if it is. I don’t care if it’s comic, novels, or movies. And legacy universe stories don’t count!

  1. A Wookie Movie with no humanoids.  All subtitles.  Maybe one on how they survived after the battle that takes place is Revenge of the Sith.  Or go back to Star Wars’ roots and base it on a samurai movie.
  2. An empire centric tale. I’ll admit that the Emperor is evil  but I refuse to admit all members of the empire or evil.  They have jobs to do.  They may even believe that security is more valuable than liberty.  This would make us uncomfortable.  It wouldn’t be so easy to pick a side.
  3. A Rosencrantz and Gilderstern is Dead Story.  Maybe from R2 and C3P0.  Or even go to more minor characters.
  4. A war tragedy in which we finally understand why so many Bothans died.
  5. Speaking of that, a whole set of spy stories from both sides.
  6. A story about how Yoda’s life on Dagobah.
  7. A story of the Empire’s propaganda machine.  Think of Winston Smith in 1984 when he rewrites history.

This might seem lighthearted but most are tropes, but, in the right hands, this could make for some great storytelling.  What is great about Star Wars is that it is a universe that has plenty of stories to tell.  I love the casting of Donald Glover as Lando, but not every story needs to be about the main characters.

That is what gets me so excited about Rouge One.  Darth Vader is in it but it’s not a Darth Vader story (or at least it looks that way).  Let’s explore.

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