ComicCon-ing: Wizard World New Orleans Announces New Guests!

Last week, NolaNerdCouple previewed Wizard World New  Orleans (you can read that post here). Within a couple of days, Wizard World announced a slew of new guests.

Topping the list of new guests is Carrie Fisher!  We have met Carrie Fisher numerous times and each time is an adventure. She definitely treats cons on her own terms which means she provides her source of entertainment. In fact, look for Gary her Frenchie  (yes, he has his own twitter) at the con.   If you are thinking about getting her autograph, we highly encourage you to pre-order (which you can do for all guests here).

Another addition to the roster is someone we have never met – Christopher Lloyd.  The Back to the Future, Taxi, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit star will probably have long lines  as well.  Tom Felton from the Flash and Harry Potter will be there.  We are really enjoying him on the new season of Flash. We haven’t started a Flash poster yet we might with him.  Ms. Nola Nerd Couple has met him before so we have a Draco Malfoy autograph.  Like all member of the Harry Potter cast that we have met, she reports he is extremely nice.  Michael Rooker will be there and he will entertain you even if you just watch his line.  We have met him a few times, once in which he created a mini musical of Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer, for us.

Other guests include Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead.  I’m pretty excited about Jewel Staite from Firefly as I will start a Firefly poster.  Ray Park  from Star Wars and X-Men will be there.  Sean Gunn, one of the nicest people we have ever met at a con, will be there signing items from Gilmore Girls and Guardians of the Galaxy. Joonas Suotamo, who along with Peter Mayhew, plays Chewbacca in The Force Awakens. He will be a great addition to our Star Wars poster.

According to Wizard World, “Fisher, Felton, Lloyd and Ramsey are scheduled to appear on Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8; Amell will appear on Sunday; the others are scheduled for all three days of the event.”

Wizard World always gets great guests for New Orleans as this year’s lineup proves.  So you see there!

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