Reading: Nerd Links October 29- November 4, 2016

The Ars Technica science fiction bucket list—42 movies every geek must see: The problem with lists is the films they leave off.  Fury Road but no Road Warrior?

West Gone Wild: 9 of comics’ weirdest westerns: I’ve only read one on this list, Secret Wars, but I enjoyed that one so much I will check out the others.

White House Prepares to Hand Over @POTUS to the Next POTUS:  President Obama is our only President to have a twitter account.  Interesting article of how they will archive his tweets and other posts on social media and how the White House will handle the transition.

Is It Time for Wonder Woman to Hang Up Her Bathing Suit?:  Interesting take on Wonder Woman’s suit.  While reading the comics is not the suit of her, or other female characters that bother me, it’s more of the angle of the drawing or position the character is in.  This is what makes the suit an objectifying focus.  Also, I was recently reading a comic in which Black Canary was in her fishnet stocking outfit in the North Pole.  I know it’s a comic but that’s not even close to allowing me to suspend my disbelief.  It’s time that heroes, both female and male, are outfitted in a way that makes sense for their powers and the situation.

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