Star Wars-ing: Lando

Set currently as Star Wars and Darth Vader Volume 2, Marvel gives us a glimpse of Lando before the events of Empire Strikes Back.  He is the scoundrel we know and love, but who also values his friendships. He is someone who is a good person.


Lando and Lobot

Charles Soule wrote the script with Alex Maleev doing the penciling. Soule focuses the story on the theft of star yacht – one that Lando does not realize belongs to the Emperor himself.  To go on this mission, Lando surrounds himself with two martial artists and a professor/appraiser of antiquities.  Most importantly, Lobot appears here.  Lobot, human with a cyborg implants around his ears, is Lando’s friend. He has the implant, but his human side is still in control. While the catalyst for the story is the stealing of the emperor’s yacht with its extensive Sith artifacts, it’s the friendship between Lando and Lobot that anchors the story and gives it some weight.  The story hinges on whether or not Lando will be a scoundrel or a responsible member of the galactic society.

Soule’s story is good, but it also feels a little like the after school special type of story where the main character has to learn a lesson due to horrible set of events that he set in motion. Luckily, Soule places some great action sequences around the story to make it an exciting story.  Particularly, we see Imperial Guards my childhood favorite masked Star Wars characters inflict some damage. Meelev’s drawing is very good especially with Lobot and the Imperial Guards whose first appearance is especially menacing.  I do find the coloring by Paul Mounts is a little darker than it needs to be in some sections, but it does reflect the mood being set by Palpatine’s yacht. 

The story told here is good, but it left me wanting to know more, and most of those things did not have to deal with Lando. The Sith artifacts hint at the history and mythology of the Sith, which is the part I get excited about.  The characters of Chanath, a bounty hunter, and Korin Pers, the appraiser, are interesting and make you want to see their back-story. The story told here is good, but it left me wanting to know more, and 

Lando is a very good comic that helps flesh out the main character.  It helps inform some of the decisions he makes in Empire.  More importantly, it gives a back-story to Lobot.  While this story might be about Lando, it is Lobot that gives the story meaning. 

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