Cooking: Still In Love With The Big Green Egg

I tend to get bored easy and move on from most obsessions.  I went through a tea phase where I became obsessed then quickly drop it. Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple was afraid that I was going to do that with a smoker so she was hesitant to get me the Big Green Egg..

I’m glad to say I’ve proved her wrong.

The only time frame where I  haven’t used it was July.  It was just too hot outside.  However, besides that I’ve used it quite regularly.

Here are my favorite things to cook on it:

  • Ribs:  Normally I do St. Louis ribs and I use the 3-2-1 method.  We have a Mini-Max and it’s perfect for two people. I have to cut the ribs in half to fit one slab and if I use a vertical rack I can do two slaps.
  • Pork Butt:  Once you stabilize the temperature, you just basically put it in there and let it cook.  Our grocery often sells 3-4 pound butts which is perfect for the Nola Nerd Couple.  However, I can get up to an 8 lbs in there with no problem.  My fire can last for 11 hours at 250.
Smoked Pork Butt from a Big Green Egg Mini Max

Smoked pork butt. Our power came on right after I served Cristina!

  • Chicken Breasts:  Come out juicy every time and provides more flavor than baking.
  • Chicken Wings: I cook them at 400 for about 1-1.5 hours.  We don’t even sauce them.
Chicken Wings from the Big Green Egg Mini Max

Chicken Wings from the Big Green Egg Mini Max

We have also cooked an excellent pork loin, hamburgers (juicy lucy style), and pork shoulder steaks.  For those again, I’m basically baking with a little bit of smoke to enhance it.

I haven’t done a high temperature cook on the egg yet. I really want to try and reverse sear some steaks.  Other things I want to try on the Big Green Egg:  chili, cornbread, smores, and brisket (size my limit me to a flat).

I keep my barbecue equipment on shelf near our back door.  The daisy wheel, which allow for smoke to escape and for the temperature to be controlled, is kept right there.  We have to pass it to go to the bathroom daily.  Everytime we pass it, we can smell all the previous cooks coming from it. It is a constant reminder that I rather be cooking on the Big Green Egg.

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