Reading: Nerd Links for October 8-14, 2016

The Definitive Guide to Cord-Cutting in 2016, Based on Your Habits:  The New York Times is a little full of itself with that title in that it really doesn’t bring anything new to the discussion except the part about habits. We have cut the cord and really haven’t missed much.  We can get most sports stuff with our antennae, however it would be nice if ESPN did a standalone service like HBO Now.

Obama, the nerd in chief, unveils $300 million for science: As a computer science teacher and a nerd, Obama’s push for science and science education is one of his greatest strengths.

Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’: Um, Alex don’t you know your audience?

Grilling Tips from Mark Zuckerberg, Barbecue Nerd: Of course, I loved the fact that he has a Big Green Egg.  Personally, I would love an offset, but our townhouse doesn’t have the room for one which is what makes the Big Green Egg perfect for us.

Nerd Navigators: New Orleans: This post reminds me that we haven’t written a Nola-ing blog in a while. We need to remedy that.

Van Gogh, Mental Illness, and Doctor Who: This is an excellent article that the author, who is not a medical professional and states so, shares her thoughts on mental illness using the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who.  It is a sweet, tender blog who uses her fandom to tackle an important subject. She even states that she discovered Van Gogh because of Doctor Who. After that she did research about h is life and made real world connections. I think that shows the power of nerd culture.  It often fills in gaps in our education an inspires us to learn more.

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