Reading: Nerd Links for October 1-7

MADAYA MOM:  It’s hard for reporters to get into Syria, so one clever reporter for ABC started a text friendship with a Syrian mother of five.  A friendship and a story developed.  ABC then teamed with Marvel (both are under the Disney umbrella) to create a riveting comic book telling of her story.  Comics don’t always have to be about superheros, even though in this case it actually is about one.

Why Can’t Fanboys Handle Comic Diversity?   Another article about diversity in comic books and comic book movies. No new ground is broken here, but the fact that another publication is writing about it, show it’s is still a topic that needs to be addressed.  I highly recommend the Longbox podcast, especially the social issues segment, to see how far comics has come (and how far it still needs to go).  It’s time for us fans to catch up.

Here’s the Insane Amount of Money Comic Con Stars Get for Signing Autographs:  Last week’s Hollywood Reporter’s link has been cannibalized by other news sources. Still no discussion of how much comic book artists make (except Stan Lee), and this one again only hints at the over-saturation.  However, if the rumor about RDJ wants 1.5 million for an appearence, I would bet a well run con would make money off of him.

Aliens is nothing like Alien—and all the better for it:   Aliens is the rare sequel that is a masterpiece on its own merit.  If Alien wouldn’t have exist Aliens would still be great.  And any movie that understands that Paul Riser’s would make a great villain is a brilliant piece of directing.

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