Running: Varsity Sports, NOTC, and the Galloway method.

Ms. Nola Nerd Couple loves to run, but sometimes unavoidable obstacles get in her way.  I love to run, but palindromic rheumatism often gets in the way.

However, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

We recently remade a commitment to running. We got a secondhand treadmill from my sister, which allows us to run when it’s oppressively hot outside.  We both made a visit to Varsity Sports, our favorite running store.  Seriously, I can say enough good things about this store.  They have world class public service.  Like any good running store, they match the shoe to your walking/running style instead of having you pick out the shoe base on appearance which is what you basically do at a big box store. They don’t let you leave with a bad shoe.  The last time I went they almost had me walk out empty handed instead of giving me a shoe that wouldn’t work for me.  Luckily, they had one left that was perfect for me.  When we took my mother in law, they didn’t have her size in women’s so they fit her for a men’s shoe and it worked perfectly (the only difference between shoes for genders is that men’s tend to be larger).  Ms. Nola Nerd Couple loved the first shoe she tried on, but they took her through seven other pairs to make sure. They never pressure you. Also, because we don’t look like runners, they aren’t snobby to us either.  This is a store for anyone who wants to walk or run.  They will help the overweight novice, like me, to the experienced marathon runner with the same quality service.

To help motivate us to continue running, we joined the New Orleans Track Club. According to their website, they want anyone who is interested in running to join.  Members get discounts to races and provide discounts to some local running stores.  We already signed up for two races.  This weekend we are running the two mile  NOLA Blue Doo Run at Tulane University which helps raises awareness for prostate cancer.  Next weekend we will do 2 miles at Oktoberfest in Kenner. However, that second race might be more hurtful to my waistline if I don’t pace myself. And I’m not talking about during the race.

Well, we won’t run…not without walking. During our trip to Disney for the Star Wars run in April we met Jeff and Barbara Galloway. They developed the Galloway method that recommends walk/run intervals at very specific ratios.  The walk/run method is supposed to be great for people who are just getting into running and is designed to help protect knees and other joints.  This is perfect for someone who has rheumatism issues. Cristina struck a very long conversation with Barbara at the Run Disney Expo and came away motivated to do this.  We both downloaded the app.  I haven’t had an issues with flares in my knees doing this method.  Even though I work and work hard (as evident by my heart rate when I do a workout), I never feel drained and exhausted after one.  Cristina feels the same way.  I plan on stopping at 5Ks because I don’t want to push my luck with my joints, but I can see Cristina going further to a 10k and maybe even a half marathon.

But first we have to conquer those two milers. Happy running!

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