Reading: Top Five Nerd Apps

Of course, the Nola Nerd Couple has plenty of phone apps that serve a nerdy purpose. Here are Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s top five nerdy apps with links to main website.

5. Discogs:  Mr. and Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple collect a lot of vinyl.  This is a great app that allows us to keep track of our collection. Because our collection has gotten somewhat large, it’s really great to have at a record store to make sure we don’t buy something we already own.  It also allows users to buy and sell records which gives a decent idea if we are paying market value for an album or not.

4. iTunes Podcast/PodBean:  Mr. Nola Nerd Couple loves to listen to podcasts.  Through our comic con experiences we have met quite a few podcasters and enjoy shows from across the spectrum. When I’m riding my bike on trails or running on treadmills I often listen to podcasts in that it reminds me to go slower. Plus, there are so many people out there with their own stories that actually can tell stories. That gives me hope for humanity.

3. Pokemon Go (and for android):  While the fever pitch of this app may have died down somewhat, it’s still a fun app.  During the summer it got us out of the house and moving.  I really can’t wait for temperatures to drop (it is still in 90+ range in the Nola area) so we can truly enjoy this app for long periods of time. While this app does have some in app purchase opportunities, we haven’t bought anything.  Oh, and Team Valor!

2.  Marvel Unlimited:  Most of the Marvel catalog is at your fingertips. Want to read Joss Wheadon’s run of X-Men without collecting them. It’s right there for you.  (However, I did actually collect the run).  It allows the reader to do explore characters and books they wouldn’t normally read.  And when the series is good enough, I makes me buy it in either the single issues or in trade paper back.  This is the only app on this list that costs money to truly use.

1. Hoopla:  I wrote a blog on this last week.  I feel the urge to evangelize the greatness of this app.

Note:  The last two are technically the only two apps that you can read anything.  I might have to create a new category. 

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