Reading: Nerd Links for September 18-23

The People vs Mike Love: Pitchfork writers often verge into self-parody when they try to get cute with their writing.  Often, it reminds me of the smart kid in class who has to prove to everyone it’s smart.  That’s why I cringed when I first read the headline.  However, it was a well written persuasive essay even though it used a tired trope.  Mike Love was a huge part of the Beach Boys success but to belittle Brian Wilson’s songwriting prowess to make himself look better is a colossal backfire. Now, of course, this is a biased point of view but they do cite enough evidence, including video evidence, to make their case.  They also acknowledge how difficult it had to be for him to work with Wilson in the mid and late sixties (genius or not, sometimes crazy is just crazy and difficult to work with).  However, instead of focusing on that Pitchfork claims that Love is only about stating his own genius.  However, the piece tries to rest its case on the fact that you don’t have to read the book because they did it for you.  However, it kind of has the opposite effect.  I want to read it now just to see how petty Love can get.

Disney Responds to ‘Moana’ Controversy By Pulling the Offending Costumes:  Disney makes a movie trying to celebrate a culture that may not be familiar to most people (the nuances of it anyway) and then does the worst thing possible by selling a costume that is practically  the skin of a member of that culture.  Now, some of you might say stop being politically correct, but that’s too simple of an argument.  Their are stories to tattoos of the Maui culture, just like there are to the headdress of Native American chiefs, to the colors Roman Catholic priests wear at certain times of the year. Appropriating other cultures dress without understanding the reasons for the dress is a sign of ignorance.  While it is ok to be against political correctness, it is not appropriate to be ok with ignorance.

NASA’s 1977 Mixtape for Aliens Getting First Ever Release: Even though the article is oddly titles, it’s also aptly titled. Normally, we don’t collect records that are considered novelty, however, this a fantastic world music collection. I can’t wait to own it.


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