Reading: The Joys of Hoopla

hoopla (it’s spelled with a lowercase on the website) is by far my favorite app/website. It’s not even close. brings the public library to whatever device you are looking at.  It’s collection isn’t library dependent so if you happen to live in an area where libraries aren’t adequately funded it’s not an issue for you. (Luckily we don’t have that issue where we live).

I’ve used hoopla mainly for two things so far: comics and audiobooks. hoopla’s comic collections contain many of DCs graphic novels.  This is fantastic since DC hasn’t created a Marvel Unlimitedesque subscription service yet and doesn’t seem to be planning on doing so anytime soon.  Plus, it contains many books from other publishers such as Image and Valiant.  So far, I’ve read quite a few DC titles such as Hush, Flashpoint, and Kingdom Come.  It’s also allowed me to read Matt Friction’s first volume of Sex Criminals. I haven’t read a comic by Matt Friction I didn’t like and thankfully hoopla allowed me to find more.  Right now, I’m reading Brian Vaughn and Fiona Staples masterwork appropriately titled Saga.  And I’m doing for this all for free.  I know I’ll probably buy Saga when it’s finished just so I can have it. But hoopla allows me to make sure I’m not wasting my money.

hoopla also has plenty of audiobooks and ebooks.  I have never been a huge audiobook guy before finding hoopla.  Right now, I’m listening to Volume 1 of Shelby Foote’s Civil War series.  What is fantastic about hoopla is that you can download the audiobooks (as well as ebooks and comics) for offline reading.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about internet connection when you want to listen to an audiobook which makes it perfect for camping and other away from civilisation moments.

hooopla allows for 15 books to be checked out per month.  Because of this, I recommend that if you are doing comics you look for graphic novels and collections instead of individual issues. Plus besides comics, audiobooks, and ebooks, you may also check out movies and music.  I haven’t used hoopla for either one…yet.

If you wanted to read comics but didn’t want to spend money until you were sure you liked them, this is the way to start.

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