Reading: Nerd Links September 11-17

It’s been a while since we published nerd links. But now that we are back in our school routine, we will start publishing these more often.

Exploring the Double Standard of Ethnicity in Pop Culture Film Casting:  A very good take on casting for superhero films.  The article isn’t afraid to address both sides of the issues and makes some great points.  I don’t care who is cast as what as long as they are a good enough actor to make me believe they are the character.

The State of the Industry: An interesting article into the business of comics.

 Why Wizard World Will Regret Banning Fake Guns:  I don’t really think guns belong at a comic con.  I don’t really think swords do either.  I don’t even understand why people want to carry in replica weapons at all. In fact, if a character is defined by their weapon, they really aren’t much of a character, in my opinion.  Link is recognized without his sword, and Master Chief is recognized without weapons.  However, if you are going to allow actual swords which can only be classified as weapons, then why not allow the lawful sale of guns.  Or ban both. Now, I know you have to check a sword and pick it up as you leave the con.  However, someone “testing” a sword is a dangerous.   I don’t agree with everything this article says – in fact I’m on the other side of the spectrum – but it raises some great points. (The incident that sparked this letter is here.)

The Longbox: Suicide Squad and John Ostrander: Jon Ostrander always provides a great interview. The Longbox guys podcast is the best comic podcast.


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