Editorializing: Headphones > Phones


When asked why Apple was removing the headphone jack, Senior Vice President Phil Schiller answered with that one word.


Why not say, so we can make way for a larger battery, hard drive, or better antennae? These would have been better answers, but ones that would have made Apple actually improve their product. So instead of doing that, they answered with that one word.

As a nerd, and a computer science teacher, I understand that sometimes that technology needs to move forward because it can.  However, this causes a problem for me.

Yes, I do charge my phone and listen to headphones at the same time. Practically, ever night I do this.  But that doesn’t bother me.  I do listen to music in my car but with aux jack.  My car’s USB jack was poorly placed in that it’s in the arm rest between the front seats so when we close the arm rest it cuts the wire slowly with every close. Therefore, I use the aux jack. But that’s not a problem either because I can work around this problems and have a massive iTunes collection.

So what is my problem getting rid of the headphone jack?

I love my headphones more than I love my phone.

I own a pair of Sony MDR7506s.  I’m on my second pair.  I stupidly put my first pair in carry on luggage instead of just putting in the tray. TSA threw my bag, and I heard them crack. I couldn’t live without them so I bought a second pair.  I don’t just use them with my phone.  I often use them to listen to our record collection and too record our Nola Nerd Couple podcasts. EarPods can’t compete.

My iPhone 6 has had a crack on the screen for more than a year.  I don’t really care.

Again, I know they will have an adapter.  So I have to have a second piece of equipment with me to listen to music with my MDR7506s. I could be an Olympian at losing things especially smaller electronics.  As far as the ear buds go, I’ve never had a pair of Apple wired ear buds successfully stay in my ears when I’m moving, so I’m looking forward to losing these within the first week of getting the iPhone 7. This also means that the ear buds that stay in my ears when I’m on the treadmill or riding on a bike path (I never use headphones when I ride on roads) means I have to have the adapter with me. So, I pretty much will have to have the adapter in at all times except for when I’m charging. And, let’s be honest.  The 7 better have longer battery life.


5 days is what I’m giving myself before I lose the adapter. 


I know I sound like a old man who doesn’t like change.  I promise you, it’s not just that.  I really just love my headphones more than I love my phone. I won’t steer away from Apple because the rest of my house is Apple, but I’m not ready to give up the headphone jack just yet.

Maybe I will just get the 6s. Unless Sony wants to make the MDR7506 with a lightning connector.

2 thoughts on “Editorializing: Headphones > Phones

  1. Five days before you lose the dongle? So long? I’m can assure you that it won’t take me that long. Apple made this big deal about bluetooth connectivity. But, with bluetooth not only you you get the pleasure of terrible links, but the sound quality drops. We use Bowers & Wilkens headphones around here. I have no intention of muddying them up with a dongle.

    My opinion is that Apple jumped the shark a while back. I’d just like them to build a computer that keeps up with Windows innovations for less than almost three times the price.


    • I have to agree. For my line of work, macs are great because I don’t really need all that much innovation so they last me a long time. My first one lasted 10 years, and this one’s doing pretty well. Our windows machines never seem to last longer than 18 months before we have some type of issue. But I hear you. Apple just seems to be putting out products on time releases instead of actually having a new product. What bothers me about this is that music is the number one thing I use my phone for. I’m not all that popular in real life lol!


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