Reviewing: Purple Mattress Update

We have had the Purple mattress for about three months now and figured it was time for an update. We did an initial review and unboxing already, but people always want to know how it feels after we have slept on it awhile.

For me, one of the big issues was feeling like Kurt was jumping up and down on the bed. Kurt tends to get up a lot during the night or to move around to get comfortable, thanks in part to his PR, and oftentimes he would wake me up. Sometimes I felt that he was so violently shaking the bed that I was sure he was just thrashing about and would anxiously ask him what’s wrong, only for him to calmly say he was just turning over or getting back in bed. With the Purple mattress, I don’t feel Kurt entering or exiting or turning over at all. Not once have I woken up due to his movement and I definitely do not feel like the whole bed is shaking. So that is a huge plus for me.

Another plus for me is that I am not suffering from a stiff neck and shoulders any more. Many mornings, I would awake with aches and pains and I could never seem to get comfortable. Now, those pains have virtually disappeared. This is an even bigger plus for me, because it was not fun having a dull ache and stiffness every morning.

On my other bed, I felt like my body left an impression in the middle of the bed and that I was sinking a bit. Not so with the Purple mattress. Everything feels comfy, aligned, and supported as it should.

For Kurt, his stiffness has reduced a lot in the mornings. He still gets it, but that is due to his PR more than the bed, but it is not as bad and it goes away much quicker than before. Additionally, he has not had any hip or knee pain upon waking up, probably thanks to the Purple mattress absorbing pressure points. That is an enormous sigh of relief because when Kurt was first dealing with his PR pain, we thought he might need a cane to walk, it was that severe in his hips and knees.

The Purple mattress is not super hard, but it’s not incredibly soft either. It leans more toward the firm side, but that is not a problem for us at all. In fact, I enjoy it much more because I do not feel like I am sinking. Like I said, the Purple mattress absorbs your pressure points, so you do not feel like you are lying on concrete or anything either.

One question we are always asked is does the mattress run hot? Not in the slightest. The mattress is always cool and if I am ever sweating, it is because of my giant comforter I sleep with every night. Once I take that off and sleep with just a sheet, these hot Louisiana summers mean nothing to me.

The only slight “even better if” (there’s the teacher in me) is that the mattress is a bit smaller both height and length wise. It was lower than our previous mattress, which confused me in the dark at first because I was used to reaching my hand over a certain way to grab my glasses off the night stand or put my phone up, and suddenly I am hitting my hand on the night stand of doing my intended action. Not a big deal, but just something to note. Additionally, there is a bigger gap between the mattress and our foot board. Luckily, we are not tall people and that is not a problem, no dangling feet or anything, but if we were, it might be (though I can’t say for sure, of course).

Our Purple seat cushion is still fantastic as well. I have it on my chair at the dinner table and love the feel of it. My mom, grandma, and nannie came over for Mother’s Day and each one of them exclaimed how fantastic it felt. In fact, my grandma would not let anyone else sit in that seat! We have the Royal Purple one, though I am sure the others are just a comfortable.

We paid for our mattress through PayPal, so the $1299 price point for the King came out to $217 interest free for six months when we paid through PayPal credit. As far as we are concerned, it was worth every penny! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Here’s a video of our cat Button enjoying the Purple mattress. Even he recognizes the comfort.

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