Reading: Nerd Links for June 19-25

Didn’t do as much online reading this week due to not having a reliable internet (am I the only one who experiences this at Hilton Hotels?). So these are the things I read/watched/listened to this morning.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–All The New Things You Can Do:  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple is the Zelda gamer in this house, but I have to admit that this world looks fascinating.  I might play it so I can cook as Link!

NOLAnerdcast’s E3 16 for 2016 Part 1:  The Nola Nerd Cast guys preview the games from E3 that they are looking forward to the most. Come for the game previews; stay for the hastags.

Game of Thrones Author to Stephen King: How Do You Write So Fast? While I haven’t watched the video yet – I will – Martin’s question to King about how he writes so fast, is really important.  King is prolific because of his method.  His method might not translate to every other writer but they need to have a method.

Orbital Zombie Dragon Podcast 34: Captain Boomzilla explores Nicole Kidman in pants suits, compares Fright Nights, discusses the last couple of issues of Game of Thrones, and discusses his writing tips.

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