ComicCon-ing: Artists Spotlight For Space City Comic Con

Comic cons have evolved throughout the years. Some people will say that most aren’t comic cons shouldn’t be comic cons anymore because the focus seems to be on media guests and not the artists.  That may be but I haven’t been to a con yet that didn’t feature artists.  Every con I’ve been too has always had talented artists. Space City Comic Con in Houston is no exception.

I’ve already written a blog on Fred Van Lente and his work writing The Comic Book History of Comics. It’s an amazing book that has me looking for more comics that are works of non-fiction.


Darryl Makes Comics DMC No. 1

Darryl Makes Comics DMC No. 1

Darryl McDaniels, better known as DMC from Run DMC, has created his own line of comics called Darryl Makes Comics.  I’ve read issue #1, and its fantastic.  Set in the 80s, there is a vigilante going around helping people who is known as DMC. There are plenty of references to lyrics from the seminal rap group, but they never force it. In addition, it calls into question about who do superheroes answer to. In this comic, a “hero” has to answer to a shadowing rich person at the end.  I can’t wait to read all issues, especially if they are as good as the first.


Dave Dorman Star Wars Variants

Dave Dorman Star Wars Variants

Dave Dorman is an artist who often does work for Star Wars. We have been collecting the new Marvel Star Wars comics since they started, and Mr. Dorman has done quite a few of the variants. His work is amazing and we have a few comics for him to sign. Of course, if he has others to purchase, we will probably buy a few as well. (Probably means definitely).


Doug Hazlewood, Inker on The Death of Superman

Doug Hazlewood, Inker on The Death of Superman

Doug Hazlewood has been a long time inker and you can find lots of his work in hardcover and trade paperback. In fact, he was the inker for the best-selling comic book ever – the Death of Superman. The inkwork on that book is fantastic as is the work that Hazlewood did with Grant Morrison on Animal Man.


The Paybacks written by Donny Cates

The Paybacks written by Donny Cates

Donny Cates is a comic book writer.  I just purchased the first volume of his work The Paybacks because it sounds, well, original. It’s about a group of heroes that act as repos for other heroes who spend more than they earn.  Superheroes need all those wonderful toys, but not everyone can be Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.  Some have to buy on credit and some over extend themselves.  Now doesn’t that sound like a great comic?  When I’m done with it I’ll write a review…unless I decide I need to read the complete set first.

These are just a few of the artists that will be at Space City Comic Con. I can’t wait to see all the artists and their work.  My budget might not like it but my Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters still needs some decorating!



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