Reviewing: The Purple Mattress

July 1, 2016: We did a 3 month update review – click here to read it. (Spoiler alert: still awesome!)

Ever since I saw a sponsored post on Facebook showing the Purple mattress going through the raw egg test, I was intrigued. Even though everyone who has ever slept on my bed has loved it and said it was the most comfortable bed (especially my Maw Maw!) and Kurt has no issues with it, I wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders many mornings. Kurt, due to his PR, can often have stiff joints. The Purple mattress claimed to absorb pressure points so that even if you dropped raw eggs under glass using three hundred pounds of pressure, the eggs would not crack.

In doing a little research about Purple, I found that they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their mattress on September 23, 2015. On September 28, 2015, they were fully funded. That is a little over $170,000 in less than five days. In fact, the goal was only $25,000. Wow! According to their Kickstarter page, “Purple™ is a Hyper-Elastic™ polymer, which is super stretchy and super strong. That means it’s durable and your mattress won’t develop a body impression. It is also temperature neutral, hypoallergenic, responsive, and comfortable!” Reading through their project, I became more and more impressed and interested in trying out a Purple mattress for myself, especially with a 100 night money back guarantee and a 10 year full warranty.

As I was teetering on the edge of purchasing, I saw someone say that if you order a Purple mattress through a link on Sleepopolis, an online mattress review site, you will receive a free Royal Purple seat cushion with your order, which is worth $109. This pushed me to purchase. We used PayPal credit, where we have no interest for six months as long as you pay it off in six months.

On Monday, April 4, our Purple mattress arrived (we ordered it on March 20). Unfortunately, due to an extremely heavy workload, we could not put it up until Friday, April 8. Here is our unboxing video:

As you can see, it comes in a long tube because the mattress is wound up. I was luckily here when the UPS driver delivered it. It weighs over 70 pounds and I was able to help him bring it in. Definitely heavy, but not too heavy where two people cannot carry it. Much better than an actual rectangle mattress (I’ve moved plenty of those in my life!).

Our new Purple mattress!

Our new Purple mattress!

Kurt and I were able to get it up the stairs without too much effort where it stayed until Friday when we were able to finally unwrap it. Unfortunately, the zipper part was broken, so we had to use scissors to cut through it (carefully, might I add, as to not cut through the mattress).

Purple mattress

Broken zipper on our Purple mattress so we couldn’t just unzip it, but luckily, scissors work well.

Once we cut through the end, we could see the mattress wound tightly. The actual mattress has a mattress pad on it, so you don’t actually see the purple polymer on the inside of it.

Purple mattress

Purple mattress wound up like a burrito.

To cut through the top, there was a little razor tool. It worked pretty well and got the job done fairly quickly.

Purple mattress

Cutting through the top of the packaging with the razor tool.

Inside, the mattress itself was wrapped in a nice, big purple cloth. It took a little maneuvering, but we were able to unwrap. A few tips – make sure you unwrap it on the actual box spring or wherever you want the mattress to be and also make sure you check before you fully unwrap it that it is right side up. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an upside down mattress and it’s much easier to flip/roll when it’s still rolled.

Purple mattress

The Purple mattress in its purple cloth, wrapped like a burrito.

It’s pretty firm when you finally have it all undone and very low. It is very comfortable, however. We have slept on it for two nights now and neither one of us have felt joint stiffness. Our other mattress sat higher, so it is taking a little use to reaching on the end table for our phones or turning off our lamps because our bodies are so used to being higher. Nothing that we won’t get used to in a few days. Additionally, it is a bit tinier size wise. There is a bigger gap between the end of our mattress and the end of our bottom bed board then with our previous mattress, but neither one of us are super tall so our feet aren’t hanging over the edge or anything. A few reviews said it slightly ran hot, but I haven’t noticed that at all. In all, I’m pretty satisfied with it.

My Royal Purple seat cushion also arrived and I’ve been using that from day one at our kitchen table. It is definitely comfy and helps support your tushy and makes a harder surface more comfortable. It came with a nice, black zipper bag to put the polymer cushion in. Our bed also added two hand sized purple polymer “stress relievers”, which you can squeeze and play with and two eye masks to help you sleep. That came in handy when I slept in this Sunday morning.

In all, a $1299 price point is not a bad deal, especially when you can finance for 6 months at no interest and get a free seat cushion. The bed is super comfy and although more nights of sleep are required to see if it will make a huge difference, I am enjoying the feel of it so far. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Purple mattress

Button fell right asleep on our new Purple mattress. I guess he is a fan as well!


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