Unboxing: Comic Con Box Eleven – Justice

In the last few years, companies have found a way to generate revenue from companies by sending them a box full of things.  Most of the time these boxes are geared to a certain group such as care packages for college kids, dog owners, new parents, etc.  Of course, there are boxes geared for nerds.  We have been a subscriber to Wizard World’s Comic Con Box  since day one. We have collected them all.  Sometimes they are great (DC, Marvel and Star Wars stuff) and sometimes we try to think of people who would like the stuff in the box (anime). I like that they always have a comic in the box which has lead to us subscribing to a few at our local comic book store.  They also always include a T-shirt in each box that we always get compliments on when we were in public.  My favorite is how to make an alien.  Of course, being nerds, we like to film the unboxing.  What makes these videos pretty interesting is that we don’t always know what it is we are unboxing!  (Again, anything anime). We even have been featured on their website for our videos. Not only have we been featured, we were selected one time to win an extra box full of Star Wars goodies!

Here is Cristina unboxing the latest box entitled Justice.


You can view and subscribe to our videos here.

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