Reading: Working Through the Marvel Comic Universe(s)

Cristina and I both have been buying and reading comic books lately.  I think one of the reasons why we both like comic books is that we are both just finished grad school.  Reading intense historical works or detailed educational research just makes us want to read for escapism.  Of course, you can keep up with Cristina’s reading with her Goodreads widget.

While I will keep going to comic book stores, there is no way you can read everything.  There is no way you can afford to read everything.

That is why I signed up for Marvel Unlimited.

At $9.99 a month, I will save my money by reading three comics.  In addition, it lets me fill in the gaps of stories I have already read.  For example, I’ve already read the Marvel Civil War series which consists of seven comics.  By subscribing to Marvel Unlimited, I now have access to all 87 comics in the series event.

Earlier, I wrote about how Spotify has increased the amount of music that I own in physical formats.  A few people that I have talked to say they actually have bought more trade paperback versions of their favorite comic events.  It will be interesting to see if Marvel Unlimited has the same effect on my pocketbook.

So right now, I’m going to read all those comics in the Civil War series. I then want to read more about Hawkeye.  Any suggestions on what I should read next?

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