Reblogging: 10 Websites Every Self-Respecting Geek Should Read

I teach AP Computer Science, so was an amazing link to share with my students.

The Comics Beacon


The internet is a big place. Impossibly big, almost. Keeping up with everything worthwhile can be challenging. That’s why The Comics Beacon is here to give you a list of the 10 websites that every self-respecting geek has got to read.

1. Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources is a great pop culture news site, with a particular focus on comic book related media. Of particular note are its recurring interviews with with the EiC of Marvel Comics, as well as quality reviews and previews of new comics, every week. It also contains three excellent sub-blogs; Spinoff, Comics Should be Good, and Robot 6, allowing for more opinion based pieces, which creates an excellent universe that you can get sucked into for hours. Check out the CSBG list of the 70 most iconic Marvel panels, it’s a great read.

2. The Toast

The Toast is a daily blog ran by Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe, and…

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