Rambling: Random Music Thoughts on a Friday

  • The New Pornographers at the Civic Theater in New Orleans

    The New Pornographers at the Civic Theater in New Orleans

    All Cats Are Grey” by the Cure just sounds better on a cold and rainy night.  In fact, all of Faith sounds better in the cold as do most Cure albums.  It’s not that I find their music cold, it’s actually the opposite.

  • I’ve given Panda Bear’s Panda Bear vs the Grim Reaper a couple of listens. “Mr. Noah” and “Tropic of Cancer” are great songs, and I love his voice, but most of the music didn’t stay with me. After I finished listening to the album, I didn’t  really remember what I heard.  A few times, I didn’t  realize tracks had changed. Now, I never heard Panda Bear nor Animal Collective before 2015. I heard of both, but never listened to their music before.   After listening to it, I looked up reviews.  The positive and negative reviews seemed pre-ordained.  For The Needle Drop’s youtube review, I looked at the comments. I know, big mistake.  One person said the reviewer didn’t listen to the music properly.   So, I left a reply comment — I know, bigger mistake — asking how should I listen to this music.  No response.  If anyone reads this, how does one properly listen to this type of music:  headphones, blasting from a stereo, in a night club?
  • It’s been since November 7 that I saw a concert (The New Pornographers), and for my wife, it’s been since November 4 when she saw Nick and Knight.  We miss it.
  • Really looking forward to Record Raid on the 24th in the Bywater.  Thankfully we get paid before the raid.  Getting paid once a month requires thoughtful budgeting which we forgot to do around Christmas.
  • Pitchfork is often wonderful and horrible, sometimes at the same time.  However, there 5-10-15-20 series is great.  Stuart Murdoch’s response makes me understand his music more and why I like Belle and Sebastian.

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