Return of the Blogging

Because we have been in graduate school for the last two and half years, we have not posted much.  Books and papers took up most of our time.  That does not mean we did not have fun.  We have made many trips to Florida and Texas, spent a month in Scotland and Ireland, and gone to a lot of local events.

I hope that we can keep this blog updated. Cristina wants to share info about our travels and her hobbies such as collecting autographs and scrapbooking.  I want to write more music and movies reviews as well as sharing some of the records I collect.

Our new extended title reflects this change in focus.  We are still, and we will continue to do those things.  However, we realized that our other hobbies often cross over into our cooking, travelling and eating.  My favorite spatula is a Darth Vader one and I love cooking while listening to any of our records.  Finding new scrapbooking and comic book stores has become a vital part of our travels.  Usually, independent music stores are near great local restaurants.

In other words, we will write about the things we love.

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