Crafting: Cara Mia Crafting

Wow, it’s been awhile! I have missed you, cooktraveleat. Alas, my grad school work and my full time teaching job leaves me negative amount of time to blog. It’s enough I remember to breathe and eat. But I am on my winter break, so I’ll try to squeeze a few blogs in before school starts up again on January 21st. I am proud to say that I currently maintain a 4.0 GPA in my Master of History program! Additionally, my husband is in grad school as well and he also maintains a 4.0 GPA! Now on to the blog…

If you don’t know, I love to scrapbook. I really like to do all sort of crafts, but scrapbooking is my number one favorite hobby. Unfortunately, just as this blog is on hold while my husband and I are in graduate school, my scrapbooking is also on a hiatus. That doesn’t stop me from buying things to use for later!

One thing I love is surprises. One time my family threw me a surprise party for college or something, I don’t even remember, and it was one of the best parties ever. So, when my sister’s website Cara Mia Crafting started having monthly craft boxes, I immediately decided to get a subscription. What kind of crafty person doesn’t like a fun-filled box of scrapbook material sent to their door each month?!

Now, you can request certain themes, or just get a fun surprise themed box. My December box, the first month of service, was a Walt Disney World craft box. Can you say right up my alley?! I took some pictures to illustrate what exactly the box entailed.

Cara Mia Crafting

Sweet handwritten note welcoming me to my craft box.

Cara Mia Crafting

Cricut cut Disney supplies and stickers, inserted in the cute purple bag.

Cara Mia Crafting

Adorable pre-made goofy page.

Cara Mia Crafting

Adorable pre-made Mickey page.

Cara Mia Crafting

Tangled!!!! Perfect!

Cara Mia Crafting

I love this pattern, perfect for Minnie!

Cara Mia Crafting

Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride, and this totally looks like the wallpaper in it!

Cara Mia Crafting

Perfect page for fireworks.

Cara Mia Crafting

Perfect colors for inspiring my creativity for other Disney moments!

So that’s it! Lots of awesome stuff inside and I go to Disney World so much that I’m sure I’ll be using it soon. In fact, I have a trip coming up in April, so I think that I know which scrapbook stuff I’ll be using to commemorate the occasion!

So, if you’d like your very own craft box from Cara Mia Crafting, feel free to drop her a line. She also sells a wide array of craft things, so browse the site and see if there’s anything you like. Hopefully, I’ll have another blog out within the week! Ciao!

Cara Mia Crafting

Cara Mia Crafting info.

4 thoughts on “Crafting: Cara Mia Crafting

  1. And there was a Tangled page! Thanks for the write-up. I am excited to send out the January Craft Box. Just need to put the finishing touches on it, but it will be out in the mail early January. 🙂


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