Eating: The English Tea Room

The English Tea Room

The English Tea Room

Cristina has been very indulgent of my new tea obsession. She has encouraged me to get the right tools I need and does not say a word when I buy a new tea just randomly. So, when I took her to the English Tea Room in Covington for Valentine’s Day she did not complain.

The English Tea Room is in Old Covington. It is a beautiful small house converted into a restaurant. The décor is pretty much everything British you can think of. Instead of being too much, it is very charming especially since they made every room a theme.

Having had lunch, we ordered scones. And of course tea.

I went with the classic Darjeeling, while Cristina went with the Strawberry Kiwi fruit tea. The Darjeeling was smooth and a little toasty. In other words, it was perfect. Cristina’s fruit tea was not sweet but wonderfully tart.

I purchased some loose leaf teas for home and the Strawberry Kiwi was one of them. In fact, I do not drink alcohol often but it seems perfect for a vodka infusion. The other two teas I purchased were a black tea called Windsor Castle, which is a blend of Darjeeling, Assam and Kenya teas. The other was a white tea called Tangier Lemon. After a few more brews, I will start posting reviews of those.

Now, if you do not like tea, you should still go to the English Tea Room. The scones were that good. Sweet and filling, they make for a perfect desert. Every dish that came out to a neighboring table looked delicious.

I cannot wait to run out of tea to go back.

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