Drinking: A Tea Education

Coca-Cola and I have come to a point in our relationship that is no longer beneficial to me. I must leave it behind. Water is a fine replacement, but where do I go when I want a pick me up drink? I do not really care for coffee, except expensive craft coffee that I do not have the time or the money to get into.

Brewing Tea

Brewing some Blueberry Bliss tea

This leaves me with tea.

Like most geeks my age, our introduction to the non-sweet, non-iced variety of tea dates back to the first time we saw Jean-Luc Picard drink an Earl Grey, hot. Like most impressionable college aid students, I tried it. I liked it, but quickly forgot about it.

Then came early this year. While shopping, I noticed in the tea section the herbal teas for the first time. Intrigued by the one claiming it promoted digestive health, I picked up a couple of herbal teas. I had some Earl Grey and Green Jasmine tea at home. The next day started my tea obsession.

I started with Earl Grey. No headaches that day. The next day I tried the digestive health tea. No stomach aches. Practically everyday of my adult life, I have had one or the other. Since I started drinking tea, I have had neither. Well, at least on the days I drink tea. The two days I did not, well…

This could be just power of suggestion with me telling myself that because I am drinking tea, which I know has healthful benefits, I fell better. I know correlation does not always mean causation. In this instance, I do not care. All I care to know is that I feel better on the days I drink tea.

tea brewing Kit

My Tea Brewing Kit

I have since added Lady Grey to my bagged tea collection. I have also started exploring brewing loose tealeaves. I purchased a perfect tea maker form Teavana that allows for easy home brewing. I also purchased some Blueberry Bliss Roobios Tea from them. While not a true tea, it is delicious. For my caffeine fix, I have been drinking English Breakfast by Twinning’s.

As with any new obsession, my goal is to learn everything about tea. I have started scouring steepster.com and teaviews.com to find out about teas. I have even checked out a book from the library about the history and culture of teas. While the staff at the Teavana was exceptionally nice and helpful the day I visited, I am really looking forward to visiting a few of the local merchants to learn about new teas. In addition, with a trip to London looming this summer for graduate school, well, let’s just say I am planning to get a few teas through customs.

I would write more, but it is time for a cuppa.

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