Eating: La Magazine’s Roast Beef Poboy

From the outside, La Magazine looked like the last place on earth to serve a great roast beef poboy. Well, looks are deceiving. La Magazine made a great roast beef poboy one that would stand up to most poboy shops around New Orleans.

This poboy was the first poboy that I had that didn’t use deli roast beef. This was a real roast cooked down until it fell apart. It was full of flavor and if I remember correctly it had quite a bit of garlic. I wish I could give more specific details but it’s been over ten years since I had one, and it’s impossible to get one now. Yet what I do remember is that I never got a bad poboy. I never got one that had too little meat or too much that the bread couldn’t handle it. It was always just a perfect sandwich. I remember loving their sautéed shrimp poboy (a poboy that deserves to be more widely served) and I’m sure I tried a few other things on the menu, but I would always come back to the roast beef poboy.

I keep trying to find one that comes close. The first two poboys I had from Parasols came damn near this poboy, but it’s still not quite there. I guess, I’ll have to keep doing some research.

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