Eating: El Paso on the Bayou

Growing up in the Lockport area, we didn’t have many ethnic restaurants. Well, we had Cajun restaurants but we just called them restaurants. Eventually we got a Chinese restaurant (which I compare all other Chinese restaurants to…even the one in Chinatown NYC didn’t compare. What can I say, I’m loyal). Then the area got a Mexican restaurant – well after I moved away. Then a second Chinese restaurant opened, then a second Mexican restaurant opened. I keep hoping for a Middle Eastern restaurant, while my sister would settle for a Taco Bell.

Well, since we spent Christmas in Florida this year, my family had a belated Christmas meal at El Paso, the second Mexican restaurant in the area.

(New Years Resolution: Must report on the other three restaurants. They are all good).

Now, before I get to far into this, I truly can’t give a good review of the food. I am not a fan of Mexican food. In fact, I usually opt for a burger since they are usually really good at Mexican restaurants. However, this restaurant did have one item with a mole sauce, which shows ambition. A lot of high volume Mexican restaurants in the New Orleans area neglect this sauce. I would have gone with this, but I didn’t properly prepare for Mexican food. Instead, I ordered half rack of ribs. My dad went with a steak, my wife with a steak fajita (so she could have lunch the next day) and my mom and sister split a combination fajita. My dad enjoyed his steak which was cooked a true medium well. Cristina raved about the steak fajita. My mom and my sister loved their fajita. My ribs, which came with way too much sauce, were also cooked perfectly. They didn’t fall off the bone, which usually means they are over cooked. The sauce is an easy fix for me; I’ll just ask for it on the side. The sangria was just what I needed. The deserts looked delicious, especially since they all had something fried, but I passed.

Steak Fajitas

Steak fajita

Half Rack Pork Ribs

Half Rack Pork Ribs

Poor iPhone picture of the Rib-eye

Poor iPhone picture of the Rib-eye

Combination Fajitas

Combination fajita

One of the desserts at the table

One of the desserts at the table

What really impressed me was the size of the space. It’s large and can fit a number of people without being cramped. There is a large bar with three large TVs that makes it a good place to get a drink, some wings, and watch a game. The night we were there, a band was playing. At first, I was a little worried we would be able to talk, but the duo, French Bred, played at the perfect volume. They also played a nice selection of music and let the kids in the restaurant help with the percussion.

French Bred

French Bred

I want to go back and try the dish with the mole sauce. I know Cristina wants to go back. And judging from the crowd that Saturday night and the few patrons that I talked to, quite a few people are going back. Good. The area needs more restaurants that are close to the good people of my hometown.  For people who are traveling on HWY 90 its right off the Raceland exit in the strip mall with Rouses.

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