Concerting: A Night of Music at the Cathedral

In another life, I was a New Orleans Public School teacher. I must have been crazy in this past life, because I loved it. It was a great job. I met some amazing students and teachers while I was there.

One of those people was Holley Bendsten. She was the reading strategist at my school. She still teaches in New Orleans. Yet, she still finds time to be one third of the Pfister Sisters.

Now, before I go on, I like my Christmas music as far away from Magic 101.9 as possible. I love Johnny, Nat, and Bing, but years of retail has all a humbug towards that type of music. Give me any of Sufjan Stevens’s music from his numerous Christmas EPs and I am in the spirit. In addition, I love listening to jazz renditions of holiday classics.

Getting back to the main narrative, I had told Cristina that St. Louis Cathedral used to hold Christmas Concerts. Cristina looked for information about the concerts. Sure enough, they were still having them and the only day we really had free was the night the Pfister Sisters were performing. Date night was set.

After a quick meal at New Orleans Seafood and Hamburger Company (one of the few chains we like), we headed to the cathedral. A large crowd had amassed for a Tuesday night. No one was going to walk away disappointed.

The Pfister Sisters, not blood related, are a jazz vocalist trio in the style of the Boswell sisters. There voice complement each other and bring out subtleties in the music. Since this is a church event, religious Christmas music was the main course for the night. The set, to these ears, was flawless. I got chills during Silent Night for three reasons: the voices were perfect, the setting was beautiful, and the fact that this was just a Tuesday night in most other places in the world, but not in New Orleans.

The Pfister Sisters at the Cathedral

The Pfister Sisters at the Cathedral

There still are a few more shows if you have the time to go. Moreover, that is all it will cost you (well that and maybe parking).

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