NOLA-ing: Proud to Call It Home

Originally written right after Hurricane Isaac.

Anything you love will come with a price. That price can be an actual cost, time, or having to deal with major weather conditions such as hurricanes. I love living in south Louisiana, but hurricanes are the cross we have to bear. Every region has some type of weather disaster that can happen and hurricanes are ours.

For Hurricane Isaac, Cristina and I decided to stay home. Most of our family lives near I-10 which means we could potentially evacuate to where a storm might go. If the storm was projected to have been a strong two or three we would have gone north. But, we decided to stay at home with the kitties.

We survived the storm unscathed. Entergy restored power in our area rather quickly, thankfully.

By Sunday, we wanted to get out of the house. Unfortunately, Cristina was not feeling well. So my sister and I headed to New Orleans.

Now, if you are reading this outside of the area, you might wonder why go to New Orleans right after a storm. Well, for one the Aquarium of the Americas was open. Secondly, most business closed for a couple of days, which means a couple of days of no income.

We arrived at the Quarter hungry. We walked a few blocks before it hit me that I really wanted seafood. We walked to Iberville and passed the people waiting at Acme Oyster House and walked into Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar.

We did not get a perfect meal since they didn’t have any fresh oysters. We did get a decent meal though. I ordered half an oyster po-boy and a cup of gumbo while my sister went with half a shrimp po-boy with a cup of red beans. Service was quick and attentive. The food came out quickly. The po-boy was ok, but the gumbo was just what I needed…some comfort food. Full of shrimp and oysters, the gumbo looked and tasted more like a bayou gumbo than a city gumbo (there is a difference). My sister was equally impressed with her red beans.


The Aquarium provided its usually great show. The opening walking tank was full of playful rays that were delighting children and provided parents with photo ops. The penguins ranged from the weirdo who stared at the wall to the one that seemed to scream “HEY KIDS LOOK AT ME!”. Parents kept apologizing for their kids being excited. Seems like a silly thing to be apologizing for since it reminds us old people how cool a place like this. We arrived at the Gulf of Mexico tank just in time for feeding. Kids screamed at the top of their voices about how cool it was to watch a stingray and a turtle eat a fish.

Even thought the parents were embarassed, the kids were doing exactly what a kid  at the aquarium should do.  And that quickly, you forgot you just went to through a hurricane.  I was seeing the aquarium, our aquarium, through their eyes.

That is just one of the many reasons why we love living here.


PS: Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Cristina and I have decided to go back to school which eats up a lot of our time. We plan on keeping this blog going even if it means longer times between posts.  Maybe it will become an irregular regular thing. 


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